Retro Video Game Remakes That Must be Done

Posted by | July 28, 2012

Thanks to download services and digital marketplaces, it’s become quick and easy to re-release older games on modern systems. That’s great, and can we have some more, please? Still, there are games that might have been great in their original incarnations that could be even better with a modern makeover. Many older games were chained to the technology of their times, most important being storage space, so a version of the game without those limitations could be glorious. Check out this list of older games that deserve a modern remake. This list contains wisdom. IGN has the story.

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  1. Nelson Williams
    July 28, 2012 2:20 pm

    Ah, Castlevania 2. We meet again, my old friend. This was a great game, let down by trickery and confusion. The first of the RPG-style Castlevanias, it was all about grabbing upgrades, leveling up, and exploring an open, sandboxesque world. Pity the NPC hints were all lies, and progressing through the game meant discovering strange secrets and hidden staircases all on your own.

    Remake that bad boy with modern pixel graphics, a full and accurate list of clues to follow, some NPCs with enough personality to care about them, and the same sense of dread that started creeping in about midway through Shadow of the Colossus, and you might well have the best Castlevania game ever on your hands.

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