Red 5 Studio’s MMOFPS Firefall Online Launch Livestream

Posted by | July 29, 2014

The MMOFPS Firefall from Red 5 Studios launches today and Vox Ex Machina is sponsoring a livestream with @MMOAnthropology’s Amerist. The livestream will run from 5pm – 8pm (PT) and will hopefully showcase some of the gameplay of the game (assuming that the login queue isn’t swamped.)

The game has proven to be an interesting journey over the past five years—building through a game that wanted to be many things to many people, from a sandbox, a PvP game with an eSports bent, and a social MMOFPS with an open world. The beta has seen a lot of priorities change, and mechanics changes, and the final version (launching today) is a different beast than that which stumbled out of the stable years ago.

Be sure to tune in when the livestream starts and speak your mind about the game!

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