Pirates of the Burning Sea Updates Avatar Combat

Posted by | January 3, 2009

And it’s finally time, too. Pirates of the Burning Sea is, well, a pirate MMORPG that released to relatively little fanfare some time ago. Partly, the gaming community received it with a resounding wall of “meh” thanks to a dull and uninteresting combat system. Battles outside your ship boiled down to a simple matter of pressing a button, maybe two, and either winning or losing. There just wasn’t much to do in combat that could change the results of a fight.

The folks at Pirates noticed this little lack, and took it to heart. They’ve scrapped the old combat system entirely and replaced it with a new, more involved system backed by streamlined and effective character skills. The result is build 1.11, the Clash of Steel upgrade. You can read the release notes for 1.11 over here, which is something you’ll want to do since there’s some nice stuff in there. You can also read the dev blog about the latest combat changes, what they are, and why they are. Find the dev blog here.

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