Nine Inch Pixels, Joystiq interview of Trent Reznor

Posted by | September 29, 2009

No, no, this isn’t going to dissolve into a squealing fest of fanvox gibbering, but it is something by far worth the mention. Gaming has been mainstream for a long time now, we have death metal rockers advertising for World of Warcraft, and popular comedians appearing in starring roles in overhyped upcoming games. It only makes sense that Trent Reznor grew up on gaming.

I had a lot of great times in arcades and I miss that experience. I know things move forward, but there’s something about discovering an arcade, the aesthetics, the cool cabinet that was built specifically for that game. The first time I saw Tempest, for example, I was like, “What the fuck is this?” It looked like some sort of 2001 thing, it had weird, abstract graphics and sounded cool. I realize times have changed, but I miss having those three minutes where it’s you versus that machine, sweating like crazy in this finite countdown to death scenario. A game like Robotron … that separates the men from the boys.

Oh, Trent! Swoon.

Link, via Joystiq.

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