Music Games Rise as Music Industry Falls, and Something About The Beatles

Posted by | August 30, 2009

Music games are an interesting story in the world of video gaming. Born from the niche genre of rhythm games, this new species evolved a spine of hardened rock & roll, and now it wades tall through the protozoic soup of those ancient seas. Now, music gaming showcases new bands, brings classic rock to those who might never have come to appreciate it, and, in the end, the muscled back of music gaming is straining with clenched tendons to carry the music industry as a whole.

Music sales have fallen, the industry itself — a bloating corpse-beast of greed and ego and control — is shaking under the weight of new channels for pumping music and videos directly into the public’s collective veins. Without their winding chains locking up every opening in the gates between musician and listener, the music industry can no longer support the excesses and financial thuggery that so defined it. And thus, the corpse revealed for the dead thing it is, comes crashing down.

But then there’s Beatles on Rock Band.

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