MMO Anthropology Live Stream Cancelled This Weekend

Posted by | January 11, 2014

For those who are fans of the MMO Anthropology videos and show on, we should announce that because most of their small team is sick this week the live stream has necessarily been cancelled yesterday and tonight. We wish them well and hope that they recover from what currently is keeping the team under the weather.

The announcement went out on Twitter not too long ago about the cancellation:

Ordinarily, the live stream runs Friday and Saturday around the 8pm PST time slot for a few hours.  The group generally explores an MMO while talking about the aspects of multiplayer and MMO gaming, sometimes with interviews, and sometimes with player involvement. Saturday’s is usually a game in Minecraft with fans of the show and involves a lot of just talking about gaming and related topics.

See everyone next weekend. Vox Ex Machina is represented highly in MMO Anthropology as our editor-in-chief, Nelson Williams, is one of the hosts of the live stream.

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