Marvel Universe MMO — The First Rule of Comics

Posted by | July 22, 2009

…is unless you see the body, he ain’t dead. Much like Jean Grey of the X-Men, the Marvel MMO rises back from the grave. This time, its unholy reanimation is by the hand of Gazillion Entertainment, who have perfected the art of obtuse web page design.

You might remember the Marvel MMO from 2007 or so, when Cryptic pulled it off life support.

Meanwhile, Gargantuan, the studio assigned to create and run this returning MMO property under the crushing iron boot of Gazillion, is hiring. They’ve had some luck, too, picking up David Brevik from the old Diablo team. Oh, he also did some time with Hellgate: London and Lord of the Rings Online. You might have heard of those.

So far, the only information we have on the project sums up to it being an MMO, involving the Marvel Universe, and it will run on PC and consoles. I’ll go out on a shaking, wind-tossed limb here, though, and wager it’ll involve punching people somehow.

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