Like Puzzles? Hate Your Job? Try Zahada.

Posted by | November 26, 2008

Okay, so I’m no good at puzzle games. I’ll admit that. So you won’t see me chewing up the ladder at the local Riddlefest 2000 tournament, but I can spot danger when I see it, and Zahada is hiding a knife and noose behind its back.

The game is simple. It’s a web page. Each page has a clue toward the address of the next page in the series. Some clues are obvious. Some hide. Some lie. There are at least sixty levels to keep you busy, and the game starts with a big damn wall of Screw You. It only gets tougher from there.

Check out Zahada here.

Oh, and some clues for the first few levels?

Bolded words are important. Sometimes.
There are two on your head.
Did you really look everywhere? Even in the corners?
Level 4 is broken and needs to be rewritten. The answer is “luck” which is exactly what you /don’t/ need in a puzzle, and sounds nothing like “a duck” which is what the writing implies. Since the puzzle is a failure on both the semantic and logical levels, I’m giving up this answer for free.
Right on cue. The answer is a word that doesn’t see use in American English. It’s another word for “line.”

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