Let’s Talk Indie Game Development with NimbleBit

Posted by | August 20, 2012

NimbleBit is a small game developer who recently found success with the game Tiny Tower. That’s not the studio’s first game, of course, with a number of small games like Pocket Frogs and Scoops under their belt. What makes this studio most interesting, however, is that they’re at the center of the Great Zynga Rip-Off, where the massive Facebook game company has cloned Tiny Tower into their own image. NimbleBit went public with their feelings on the matter, and word spread across the internet. How does a small indie studio compete in this industry against lumbering megaliths like Zynga? Develop has the story.

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  1. Nelson Williams
    August 20, 2012 11:35 am

    NimbleBit is an example of the tenacity an indie developer needs to survive in the game industry. They’ve put out over a dozen games before finding real success, and then their successful game is immediately cloned by a larger company. Even still, they keep going. I’ve heard an adage for success on the internet, goes something like this, “Start yesterday. Never stop.”

    It’s true.

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