Introducing Marian

Posted by | January 13, 2009

I’ve got no strings / To hold me down / To make me fret, or make me frown / I had strings / But now I’m free / There are no strings on me.” – Pinocchio.

Infinite Ammo—by far my favorite indie game producer—has just announced the advent of a new game. Its inception from the murky days of 2008, it is just entering pre-production. Artwork by Katie de Sousa whose amazing artwork has graced at least one of my projects insofar, so I love posting things by her.

“Marian is a beautifully carved marionette who rips her strings from the grasp of ‘The Narrator’ and becomes her own master. Caught in the dream world between life and death, she uses her own puppet handle as a weapon and replaces her limbs with a variety of tools in her quest to discover her true identity – and maybe even true love.”

Go and check this out, and especially listen to the music. It is a devastatingly heartbreaking piano ensemble.

Link, via Infinite Ammo blog.

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