Help let President Obama know how video games can do good

Posted by | July 30, 2009

United States President Obama hasn’t been kind to video games during his presidential campaign and still in his presidency—during speeches he often refers to video games as something to be set aside to do more useful things. In a recent speech in front of the NAACP he suggested that parents put the Xbox away.

The gaming industry, of course, is a mystified by this paradigm of thought; like every other media—books, radio, television—video games have had a great influence on both culture and social narrative. To single them out as if they’re a particular threat to attention or social order lends them a greater negative light than they deserve; really, it’s the role of parents and members of the community to engage each other with the tools that they have.

The Entertainment Consumers Association would like everyone to help petition President Obama with anecdotes about how video games have benefited their lives.

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