Guild Wars Marches on the Sev

Posted by | November 24, 2008

Fallout 3 isn’t the only game you’ll find under the counter at the local 7-11. As more publishers reach out to stuff their games next to the chips and beer, new ways of getting those games on your computer have come to light. One of the latest fantasy worlds to appear among the shrouded snack forests is the Guild Wars MMORPG, using a game card system to bring new players into the fold. Priced at $20, the card offers the original Guild Wars, which is as good a way as any to find yourself in Tyria.

If you haven’t tried Guild Wars for yourself, take a look. It’s a strange beast among MMORPGs, and might be just your style. There’s no monthly fee, instead the game is funded by optional expansions which bring new stories, zones, and character classes into your personal version of the game world. It’s solo-friendly, since you can hire NPC party members in town. You can also group with your friends and stomp the world into a mudhole, together. However, Guild Wars is also a PvP game, with guilds placed in fierce arena and battleground competition with each other for titles and fame. While the game isn’t for everyone, those who find their match in Guild Wars tend to be very fond of it.

Myself, I’m just waiting for the 7-11 to carry the MMORPG special; twenty-four bottles of Mountain Dew, a bag of Cheetos, the MMORPG of your choice, and a socklike, sanitized plastic bag.

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