Green Dragon Inn: Are the new Cataclysm instances in World of Warcraft really that difficult?

Posted by | February 3, 2011

ghostcrawler People who’ve been following Azeroth news may know by now that Ghostcrawler came out to tell people exactly why new instances may seem a bit too difficult. But, are they really?

Kit Dotson over at the Green Dragon Inn decided to tackle the subject,

The current end-game instances are a little bit odd when it comes to normal mode. In fact, two of the instances we leveled through on our way from 80 to 85 get left in our dust: the Throne of Tides and Blackrock Caverns. The odd thing about these is that in all of my characters, I only went into the Caverns once—and weirdly, I haven’t seen either during day-to-day heroics while grinding to gear up for raiding. Now, I know the feeling alongside many other casual players who missed out on content because it was end-game raid content; but it’s something utterly different to miss content because I out leveled it while not looking.

However, we think there’s something to be said here as well.

Why does Blizzard level people out of these instances when they rise from 80 to 85. A lot of the content from the early levels does fall out of the LFG system; but we can say from experience that we do love the early game and wish that we could get back into those instances without much fuss.

Later on, we have to take teammates from our guild and cannot just use LFG.

It’s a little odd.

Still, if you have an opinion on instances themselves, head on over to Green Dragon Inn and have it out.

Link, via the Green Dragon Inn.

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