Goozex Joins CAUSE to Bring Games to Wounded Soldiers

Posted by | December 1, 2008

Back in the misty days before the surface of the earth cooled, my larval self once took a header off the top of a staircase and cratered teeth-first into a tile floor. I lost several pints of blood and two teeth that day (they came back, mutant healing powers are handy!), but the important part of this story is that it goddamn hurt. There are very few sensations to compare with a couple chunks of your skull being shattered off by force of impact, and I say this as a person who, on more than one occasion, has seen his own unfleshed bone.

However, the doctor’s office had a suite of arcade games in there, all free to play. Since this is a gaming site, you can probably guess what happened and in a mere few minutes of bleeding over a Xevious cabinet, the gaping wound in my facial structure was all but forgotten. By losing myself in a video game, I was able to ignore the pain and trauma of a terrible injury. Xevious wasn’t even all that great of a game.

I’m telling you about this little adventure from my past because CAUSE, or Comfort for America’s Uniformed Services, has teamed up with the video game trading site Goozex to deliver huge stacks of games to wounded and recovering soldiers in hospitals in the US and Germany. If a mediocre game from the early 80s could make a punk kid forget that rather helpful parts of his anatomy had been knocked out, what can modern games do for a soldier with far nastier injuries?

Take a look at the MarketWatch article on this game drive to get more details. You can find the CAUSE website here. Goozex is, of course, a popular game trading site and you can visit them from this link.

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