Ghostbusters Video Game Puts New Life Into Dead Franchise

Posted by | June 15, 2009

Most companies are a little quicker on making their movie tie-in games, but hey, it’s only been twenty-five years, right? Ghostbusters: The Video Game hits store shelves today, which comes as something of a relief to us here at Vox. You see, we’re ancient and crumbling figures, shambling mockeries of life that were old enough to see the film, the first film even, when it came out. In theatres, not on DVD. With our own money. From our jobs. Yes, just like the ones your parents have. And, being gamers, we grabbed up the games made off those films.

They sucked. All sucked. Sucked hard.

So maybe it’s been a mere twenty years, but now the time draws nigh for us to finally claim what never was; a Ghostbuster’s game that isn’t made of fail and crap.

Here’s the trailer.

So far, the game’s been doing well in reviews. The game-game parts are good, from what we’ve seen, but the CGI animation is a little behind the curve, and the game just isn’t as long as it should be. Still, if you’ve ever played Ghostbusters on the old Nintendo NES system, such pithy little complaints hold no torment.

It’s been two decades. We finally have the tools, we finally have the talent. Let’s bust some ghosts.

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