Gamers Say the Strangest Things—but They Shouldn’t be Arrested for It

Posted by | July 19, 2013

The end of June brought the news that a League of Legends player had ended up in jail over comments he posted on Facebook. Early July and we heard that he’d been finally bailed out of jail on $500,000 bond. Justin Carter is charged with “terroristic threats,” a special form of threatening speech that includes attempting to terrify people by threatening to do something horrific. According to his parents and his attorney, he’s been charged with this for jokingly threatening to “shoot up a kindergarden” and “eat a still beating heart” with “jk” and “lol” added to the comment.

Gamers already suffer a great deal of odd, black sarcasm in our everyday culture—and some trolls and malcontents add a lot of noise—but some do rage and joke and make commentary that has equally “scary” content and we’re prefer not to see ourselves or our friends end up in jail because of that.

The news on this subject has been thin, but there’s those covering it. For example Magicmann at who interviewed Carter’s mother, or the major media such as Huffington Post and CNN who continue to post about this saga.

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