Gamers go to Hell, Dante’s Inferno Trailer

Posted by | August 19, 2009

With a release date set near the beginning of 2010, EA has decided to deliver a delicious, but totally sparse trailer for their upcoming offering: Dante’s Inferno. We’ve seen other games before offered and published based on Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy but with the current generation of consoles and graphics cards backing it up, we might have something fun spring forth from the spume.

According to sources this game is currently under development by the same studio that gave us the survival horror Dead Space.

Like the epic poem it’s based on, Dante’s Inferno follows a descent through the nine circles of hell–limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, violence, heresy, fraud, and treachery–where a sinner’s soul suffers for all eternity. Rather than seeing the protagonist as a passive visitor, the game reimagines Dante as a fierce scythe-wielding warrior who must slay all manner of demonic creatures to rescue his ladylove Beatrice. The first part of a six-issue comic adaptation of the game will arrive from DC Comics/Wildstorm on December 9, and an animated feature from Starz Media will accompany the game at its release date. Dante’s Inferno is set for release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PSP.

Coming to us February 12th. Scythes rarely disappoint.

Link, via Gamescom Gamespot.

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