Final Fantasy XI Plans Three New Content Releases

Posted by | November 23, 2008

Good news for all you OCD bishi-loving japanophiles, Final Fantasy XI is coming out with three new downloadable content expansions. Starting with A Crystalline Prophency: Ode of Life Bestowing, a most badass name if I’ve ever heard one, this expansion series is slated to appear in the spring, each one following a few months after the previous.

Unlike more traditional expansions such as the Wings of the Goddess release, these new content packs will focus around a novel-like approach, offering new plotlines that deepen the story in existing zones. Apparently, a dev team has been thrown together expressly for this project, so the usual march of standard expansions will continue without pause or mercy.

The new expansion series will be sold as downloadable content only, and should cost about $10 a shot.

You can find details about the whole affair up on Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy XI dev blog.

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