FCC Transition Team co-chairs are also Warcraft players

Posted by | November 19, 2008

President-Elect Barak Obama may have just hit pay dirt with the gaming generation, he’s appointing people who have actual MMO experience under their belts. Not only last week did we have our first YouTUBE Presidential address, but now we’re starting to see more people put into positions of authority who play the same games we do!

From the titular Gigaom article,

Werbach’s involvement in WoW is worth noting as it raises the possibility that in the coming months, he and Crawford will craft strategic policy positions relevant to online games and worlds, including broadband usage, content regulation, etc. Along with Ito and like-minded academics, Werbach sees both as important to the future of work and technology:

“What [Warcraft] does,” he continued in that post, “is provide an incentive for people to develop new software and ideas for collaborative production. Many of those ideas will translate to other group activities, including those within the business world. I think MMOGs will be, at a minimum, a significant testbed for these new technologies, because users see a direct benefit and are willing to experiment with new things.”

We are obviously on the cusp of a brand new, amazing administration. Even in the face of this economic recession, soon depression, the world has seen a boom in information technology. Copyright and IP Law loom large on the horizon, the behavior of the FCC has been questionable, and the Internet dominates commerce, communication, even eclipses media as it was once known.

Here I am, gamer geek, writing up something on a blog for gamers. Hearing about people interested in virtual worlds, thinking about the universe of community that we’re generating for ourselves, who will become part of the FCC is an amazing step forward.

Now, I’m sure everyone is wondering the same thing.

Is Werbach Horde or Alliance?

I certainly hope he’s Horde!

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