Elder Scrolls MMORPG Confirmed

Posted by | May 4, 2012

The Elder Scrolls is finally getting the MMORPG treatment, but the devil is in the details. What we know so far isn’t much, and hard information is tough to come by. Confirmed is that is takes place about a thousand years before Skyrim, it travels the length of the world, and that it seems to be a World of Warcraft clone. Beyond that, rumors are saying there is no player housing, no NPC relationships, and possibly that it will be class-based. So far, it seems the only thing Elder Scrolls about this new game is the name. GameInformer has the story.

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  1. Nelson Williams
    May 4, 2012 5:57 am

    Of course, the internet does love to talk doom and disaster. We’ll have to wait and see for hard details, but if even half the things I’ve heard are true, this will be a real waste of the license.

    Also, dragons swallowing their own tails forever is as fine a metaphor for MMORPGs as any I’ve seen.

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