ECA to gamers: Act now to keep the Internet neutral!

Posted by | August 7, 2009

internet-big-truck Net Neutrality, not something that comes up in the normal gamer chat but with the proliferation of MMOs and connectivity to the Internet via Xbox and Wii, it will become a problem for us. Without the protections that would create Net Neutrality our ISPs could charge more for those of us who play World of Warcraft or want run with our friends in Halo 2 to get our enjoyment.

The Entertainment Consumers Association urges gamers to get on board politically and write, call, and/or e-mail their Congressional representatives.

To: Legislators

Subject: Support HR 3458 and Preserve Internet Freedom

As a constituent and active gamer, I urge you to co-sponsor HR 3458, the Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009.

The Entertainment Consumers Association and I support HR 3458 which would protect the concept of Net Neutrality – the principal that keeps the internet open and free of obstructions and unnecessary fees. A neutral internet not only affects me, it affects all Americans, which is why over 1.6 million people have already raised our voices in support of the concept. Net Neutrality keeps high speed internet available and affordable. Whether I want to hang out in Second Life online, play World of Warcraft or Everquest online, use the internet in conjunction with my Xbox Live, or use the internet for a myriad other purposes, net neutrality protects my rights as a consumer.

It is in your power to protect your constituents’ rights, including mine, by supporting Net Neutrality, and I once again ask you to become a co-sponsor of HR 3458, the Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009. If you have any questions on this issue please contact Jennifer Mercurio, the Entertainment Consumers Association’s Director of Government Affairs, at

Thank you for your time and consideration.

This is the suggested letter that the ECA put forth, including an online form to send it.

Link, via Game Politics.

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