EA to Slash 1,000 Jobs, Close Nine Studios

Posted by | December 19, 2008

We all knew EA was in trouble, but now the tainted fruits of that poisoned tree are hitting the ground and blighting the land. In a release today, Electronic Arts has announced their intention to close various minor studios and other holdings in order to focus on larger, more profitable games. This restructuring plan is estimated to save the company some 120-million per year. Oh, yeah, and that 1,000 lost jobs thing, too.

EA blamed its problems on retailers tightening up their inventory and not purchasing whatever shovelware offal EA spews forth from its wet and smacking orifices.

We here at Vox wish the best to those spit out from the giant. Hopefully picking up new jobs won’t be much of a hassle in this yawning depression of a violated economy.

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