Don’t Cheat in Titanfall PC, the Titans are Always Watching

Posted by | March 27, 2014

Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment’s new first person shooter with an amazing twist, has been out for more than two weeks and already there’s cheaters. Of course, Respawn is using anti-cheat technology (which to us voces can sometimes be controversial in practice) and that technology is bearing fruit.

The first wave of bans has gone out, hammering cheaters where they live. So much so that Respawn has published a useful FAQ for people who might have been caught up in the sweep.

Titanfall uses GameBlocks, FairFight to detect cheaters on PC. Since the launch of Titanfall, we’ve been collecting data on people who are cheating on PC but not immediately enforcing bans. As of Friday, March 21st, that has changed and we have started banning cheaters in Titanfall.

We will be continuing to tweak the algorithm over time to catch more cheaters.

However, bans in Titanfall are not like bans in other games. In fact, people caught cheating can keep playing!

…they just end up being forced to play against other people banned for cheating.

This sort of curious social experiment is interesting because it essentially begins to congregate people who have been caught cheating with one another. The end result is that the non-cheaters face off against people who have been shown not to be cheaters. The system that Respawn is using essentially ghettoizes individuals who choose to cheat. (Expecting that the algorithm doesn’t catch non-cheaters.)

Interestingly, non-cheaters can also join the cheaters in their ghetto by forming a party with a banned cheater; but those banned cannot join the non-banned.

Moral of this story? Don’t cheat.

via Titanfall website.

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