Documentary: Video Games Are Dead – Part 1

Posted by | August 12, 2009

“Freefalling sales. Skyrocketing unemployment. Studios tanking left and right. Between the twin pressures of one of the worst recessions in modern history and a fundamental shift in the way today’s fans consume interactive entertainment, the PC and video game business is quickly coming up short on extra lives. As Season 2 of Players Only opens, we connect with the industry’s biggest names to cast aside the field’s “recession-proof” image and explore how the very fabric of gaming as we know it has changed. Tune in for the first of a special two-part series as we ask: Is it ‘game over’ for thousands of developers and publishers – and millions of fans – worldwide?”

A documentary by tech journalist Scott Steinberg that attempts to outline the troubles facing the video game industry with an eye on the current economy. This video is also available on Facebook, where you can join into a rather eruptive discussion of the subject matter.

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