Do you have a gaming budget?

Posted by | September 10, 2010

videogame-budget With the economy in the pits and unemployment at a max, us voces are wondering how many of you readers happen to have a video game budget. This could take the fashion of just a subscription (or series of subscriptions) to an MMO, or a monthly allowance to buy games, accessories, and consoles.

When it comes down to subscriptions, the most common happen to be those types like World of Warcraft and City of Heroes, which pretty much sucks up a good $15/mo. And that’s the sort of money that would be missed by the casual player—hardcore MMO players can rack up quite a bit in monthly subscription fees for playing pay games.

But, on top of that, there’s the console and PC gamers who like to stay on top of new releases in their favorite genres. With newly released games often rising to as much as $60 a pop this can get expensive extremely fast. Especially seeing as how a single MMO could be as much as $15/mo how does that translate for most people who have barely that much to spend on their entertainment hobby.

Do you actually jump up and buy Mass Effect 2 today at its full price, get in on it while the getting’s good—or sit down on your keester, and wait, wait, wait while your friends suck the game dry and tell you all the spoilers while you wait for it to fall into the used market. Although, that’s just PC games.

Console games can run almost just as much—and while they also have bit of a used market—they are constantly ringing up a variety of gaming options every month. Couple that with someone who also has a subscription to Xbox Live and how much does that leave you for game purchases and DLC on a monthly basis?

Perhaps we’re leaving out game subscription services like Gamefly (the Netflix of video games) but that’s also a valid answer to this question.

Us voces actually have very little money to throw around. We buy ourselves a max of almost three release games a year and keep a $15/mo MMO subscription as we can (although we might have to give that up.) Guessing almost $60 per, that’s almost $180 a year for new releases of must but now sort—probably giving us a total of an extra $15/mo allowance. So, I guess, In the best of times we keep ourselves at $30/mo or so acceptable gaming budget.

If we end up having to buy a new console, equipment, accessories, or whatever, though it deeply cuts into that and we end up either having to borrow against our future (eep, credit card damage!) or we just end up forgoing it until we can actually save up enough to afford what we want.

Anyone else taken a look at what they spend on games? Or even budget for them in advance?

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