DIY Game console pad into USB keyboard mouse

Posted by | May 7, 2010

A little bit of solder, ingenuity, and direction can go a long way for any geek. So when us voces stumbled across this fun little article, we figured that our readers would like to know about it. Here on Instructables, is a little set about how to make something really cool out of those old school controllers so that you can use them with your computer.

Whether playing video games with the keyboard just doesn’t do it for you, or you’re really trying to recreate that old game console feel, this is a mod sure to bring back memories from simpler times. You don’t need any super deep knowledge of electronics to pull this off, although be forewarned that there is a bit of soldering involved. Other than that, though, the project isn’t too difficult— it’s just a matter of connecting ribbon cable to each individual button. The instructions use an old SNES controller, though you could likely recreate it with any old school gamepad. There’s even an optional mod for a built-in accelerometer to control the mouse.

Us voces, of course, would not do this to any old gamepad we had laying around. Why? Because we still use our old school consoles like the SNES! However, you should be able to get your hands on a knock off cheaply enough and not have to end up without the ability to be nostalgic and still manage this project.

Just follow the link for the instructions. There’s a lot that can be attained by simple application of amused invention.

Good hacking!

Link at via Livehacker.

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