Deadly Creatures Preview Trailer for Nintendo Wii

Posted by | January 26, 2009

As a native Arizona boy, there are certain things I’ve come to accept and appreciate in this world, and one of the most important is that anything with more than four legs wants to sting you, poison you, and lay eggs in your corpse. As such, the upcoming game Deadly Creatures, about the adventures of a tough scorpion and stealthy tarantula, simply confirms what I already knew about the arachnid side of the animal kingdom.

What sets Deadly Creatures apart from all those other insectoid fighters we’ve been wading through is a sense of atmosphere provided by the scale of the levels and the characters. Crawling through the debris of a human world, our multi-legged protagonists skulk and kill in the cracks and underbrush that we crushing giants don’t even notice. Oh, and they also got some pretty decent voice actors up ins, some guy named Billy Bob Thorton? And this other dude, Dennis Hopper? Maybe you’ve heard of them?

Deadly Creatures is set to scuttle out across store shelves in early February.

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