Can It Be, a Real XCOM Game?

Posted by | January 7, 2012

XCOM has been a troubled property for the last few years. 2K Games has been remaking the beloved tactical strategy game of battle against colorful 50’s sci-fi monsters as a first-person shooter. With blocky pixel robot monolith things. That are colorless and black. And has nothing to do with XCOM at all, except destroying the name and franchise. But wait! XCOM: Enemy Unknown is an entirely new game, suddenly come out of nowhere, by the same publisher who so badly botched the license. It’s back to the tactical gameplay that made the original so great. Is this a turnaround? An admission that their shooter game probably isn’t what the fans want? Either way, new XCOM, back to basics, good team. GameInformer has the story.

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  1. Nelson Williams
    January 7, 2012 9:05 am

    It seems 2K Games is developing two titles, XCOM, which is the abhorrent shooter which every right-thinking being loathes, and this new title, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Looks like they want to release them both, which should make for an interesting marketing campaign.

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