Brutal Legend Unleashed, Rocks Out, Gets Drunk, Pukes Up, Goes To Bed Early

Posted by | October 13, 2009

Brutal Legend, an epic heavy metal adventure game with a big damn dose of RTS, hits shelves today. We here at Vox have done some coverage of the game, and the demo on Xbox Live was certainly interesting.

Brutal Legend is doing well by reviewers; they like its style and humour, but the controls are not far away from Double Fine’s previous game, Psychonauts. That one came out years ago. Also, the story game is short by some standards, coming in around or under 10 hours. Multiplayer options using the RTS elements fill out the game.

We’re watching this one. By all accounts, it’s a good game, but we’ve yet to see if it’ll sell well, or grasp any sort of longevity in a metallic death grip.

I’m holding out for Korean pro Brutal Legend tournaments.

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