Borderlands Scavenger Missions: Where In Hell Are The Gun Parts

Posted by | May 9, 2011

There are six scavenger missions in Borderlands, each one sending you off to some rusthole looking for gun parts to put together a working weapon. Here’s the trick, though. Your mission waypoint marker only lands on the general area for the scavenger hunt. It won’t lead you over to the parts. So, you’ll have to scour the land and dig up those parts yourself. But, really, there are better things to do on Pandora, like killing a whole bunch of people and taking their stuff, so here’s a handy guide to all the scavenger locations.

Scavenger: Sniper Rifle

Grab this mission at the Fyrestone bounty board. You’re going to be looking for the Sniper Rifle Body, the Sniper Rifle Stock, the Sniper Rifle Sight and the Sniper Rifle Barrel. Go the location given by your waypoint marker. The Sniper Rifle parts are somewhere nearby.

First off, don’t bother with the round hut down on the ground floor, the parts aren’t anywhere near there. You’ll find the Sniper Rifle Stock up on top of a building near the center of the upper level of the base; look for the arrow pointing up.

The Sniper Rifle Barrel is on a table on the upper level, on a balcony overlooking the valley.

The Sniper Rifle Sight is in a pile of junk near the dirt ramp leading up on the westward side of the base.

You can find the Sniper Rifle Body by going across a bridge to a shack on the upper level, passing through the shack, and picking up the part lying on a couple boxes. The boxes are on a little balcony facing southward, toward where you entered the base.

Scavenger: Combat Rifle

The second Borderlands scavenger mission, you can pick this one up from the Fyrestone bounty board. You’ll be after the Combat Rifle Stock, the Combat Rifle Body, the Combat Rifle Sight, and the Combat Rifle Barrel. Head on over to the bandit camp bolted to the cliff face opposite of the Circle of Death cave. Keep in mind that all the pieces are up in the buildings, you won’t find anything down below in the ravine.

To find the Combat Rifle Stock, run across the bridge to the camp. The Stock is on box on the bridge.

From the bridge, turn right and head down a ramp. The Combat Rifle Barrel is just at the end of that ramp, off to the side.

Turn around and go up all the ramps to the big covered area at the top of the camp. The Combat Rifle Body is sitting on a crate just inside this area.

Then, to grab the Combat Rifle Sight, you’ll have to leave the covered area where you came in, go down a ramp, through a shack, up another ramp, and to a shack at the far side of the camp. Don’t go in the shack, go around it to the back. The part is on the floor.

Scavenger: Revolver

The third Borderlands scavenger mission, this one goes down in the Dahl Headlands. You’ll be looking for the Revolver Body, the Revolver Cylinder, the Revolver Sight, and the Revolver Barrel. First off, head over to the waypoint marker, which leads you over to an abandoned Catch-A-Ride station. The pieces are scattered around there.

The Revolver Body is on the floor of one of those little parking garages, right out in the open.

To get the Revolver Sight, head on up to the second level of the station, near the cage around that big pump and pipe. Climb up the huge rock next to the cage, then jump across to a metal platform. The Sight is on that platform.

While you’re up there, jump from the second level to the roof of the parking garages. A power line tower is next to the far roof, and there’s a platform on that tower. Jump over to the platform to scoop up the Revolver Cylinder.

The last part is tricky. Turn away from the parking garages to see a wrecked car on the edge of a cliff. The Revolver Barrel is sitting in the car’s front seat.

Scavenger: Submachine Gun

This Borderlands mission takes place in the Rust Commons West, you can get there by Fast Travel to the Outeryard. You’ll want to find the SMG Body, the SMG Sight, the SMG Magazine, and the SMG Barrel.

The SMG Barrel is up on the large shipping container half-buried in the scrap on the left side from where you enter the area.

The SMG Magazine is hiding inside a tire next to the little low wall in the center of the area. Not the tire with the pole sticking out, go around back.

The SMG Body takes a little work. Go through the area to the gate on the far side, near the Circle of Death fellow. Turn right, go up the ramp, and you’ll come to a walkway that goes to the hotel-looking building at the side of the scavenger area. From the third floor of the hotel, fall down to a narrow second-floor ledge. The part is on that ledge.

Finally, the SMG Sight is on a girder sticking out over the area. Turn around on the ledge and you’ll see a pillar. Jump on the pillar, then over to a platform on the girders jutting from the wall. The Sight is on a cot set up between those girders.

Scavenger: Shotgun

Catch this mission at the Middle of Nowhere bounty board. It’ll send you hunting for the Shotgun Body, the Shotgun Magazine, the Shotgun Stock, and the Shotgun Barrel. It’s possible that some parts may spawn in the location for another. Don’t worry, just grab it and head for the next location on the list. Start by rolling out to the waypoint marker in the Rust Commons East.

From there, walk through the gate near the Catch-A-Ride station and turn to your right. There’s a crate here, jump up on it, and from there up on the wall. The Shotgun Magazine is on top of that wall.

Then, go across the bridge to the house building with a crate on the side. The Shotgun Stock is there atop the crate.

Jump on the crate to leap up on top of the building, and head for the power line antennae. The Shotgun Barrel is right there.

Next, turn to the left toward the far end of the dam station. You’ll see a round building, so go jump over to it. From here, you can jump on the wall near the fence. Hop on over, grab the Shotgun Body, and you’re done.

Scavenger: Machine Gun

The final scavenger mission, this one sends you out to the Salt Flats. Pick it up at the Middle of Nowhere bounty board. Follow the waypoint marker to the giant construction machine. The parts are in the camp around the machine’s tracks. You’ll be searching for the Machine Gun Body, the Machine Gun Magazine, the Machine Gun Stock, and the Machine Gun Barrel.

The Machine Gun Body is on one of the round silos across from the vending machines.

The Machine Gun Barrel is up a ramp along the inside of the wall near the gate into the area.

The Machine Gun Stock is on top of a shipping container near a campfire with a roast skag on the broil.

Take the Machine Gun Magazine from the roof of a round hut near the Claptrap. You can jump up on a short concrete barrier to reach the hut’s roof.

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