Black colored Nintendo Wii to be released

Posted by | May 11, 2010

black-wii Looks like we’ll be seeing an ebony colored Nintendo Wii console. Us voces, of course, have a black wiimote already (because we’re like that) but the Wii here happens to be the standard ivory.

Earlier in the month, Nintendo announced that they were going to start shipping black versions of the Nintendo Wii. What’s new? Not that much other than the color. It will though, be shipping with both of the Wii Sports games for users to enjoy. What’s in the box? Well included is the Wii console of course, nunchuk, and the controller. But, the new model will also include a Wii MotionPlus accessory along with the Wii Sports games. The price and what’s in the box deal will also be available to the white version of the Wii starting on May 9th. Also when the black model will appear in stores!

News as it happens.

Link, via Lockergnome.

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