Bioshock Movie Upgrades Its Director Plasmid

Posted by | August 24, 2009

So it seem the rumoured Bioshock movie might, probably, could be, maybe happen. Universal Studios has announced that director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is taking over the project. The movie’s previous director, one Gore Verbinski, apparently stepped down after a budget adjustment. You can find the whole story over at Film School Rejects.

Now, back to what really matters here, my opinion. Truth is, Bioshock could make a fine movie, because it has what any memorable movie really needs – a unique style. Rapture, with its submerged and alien Art Deco design is a perfect setting for a wonderful tale about the hubris of men, the fall of empires, and the merits of a hand that shoots bees.

Of course, the Silent Hill movie had the same things going for it, stylewise, and look what happened. Brilliant visuals and atmosphere ruined thanks to a story that was written by a dartboard with bad horror movie cliches stapled to it.

Since I’m going to have to live in a world that includes a Bioshock movie, it’s only logical to want the best movie that Hollywood can vomit out. Maybe we’ll end up with a beautiful, haunting fantasy about the destruction wrought by great vision without morality.

But it’s going to be about a hand that shoots bees.

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