Azeroth the Electoral College

Posted by | October 31, 2008

The presidential race is on, election day looming, and curious minds want to know: if Azeroth were a state, who would the population vote for? Players of World of Warcraft are a diverse bunch, but are largely made up of teens and tweens, with a heavy subset of hardcore gamers in their twenties.

While this movie is a bit of an irreverent look at the concept of polling and makes fun of news man-on-the-street news broadcasts about the election, it provides an amusing lampoon of Azeroth and the World of Warcraft itself.

What race/class do you think McCain would be? Obama? Cast your vote here at Vox ex Machina.

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  1. Helvetica
    October 31, 2008 9:13 am

    Hi! I’m Helvetica. I’m a Blood Elf Paladin on Thunderhorn. Here are my choices for our current presidential candidates:

    John McCain a Human Warrior, scarred and battered, John McCain plays up his war veteran status whenever he can; he’s been the Arizona Senator for a long time and we know him well; staunch, unmovable, and heavily armored against even the most helpful criticism.

    Sarah Palin a Gnomish Mage—I am trying very hard here not to make jokes about being from the ass-end of nowhere, a destroyed city obliterated by thoughtless use of available resources—but no. Small, squeaky, and overall cute, while at the same time trying to pack a lot of firepower into an extremely squishy package.

    Barak Obama as an Orc Shaman. I am thinking someone a lot like Thrall, an individual who grew up on welfare, and out of a people not well looked upon by his own lands to become a powerful and influential individual. Obama has also shown that he is capable of moving mountains, summoning and controlling the social element; charismatic and brave just like our Hug Chief.

    Joe Biden as a Tauren Druid. I don’t know much about Joe Biden, but he’s a well-rounded politician whose been around the block enough times to know how to change his tact with different audiences. He talks like a diplomat, but sometimes gets his claws snagged.

    I am Horde—I normally play a Forsaken Priest—so I’m sure everyone can already guess who I’m pulling for.

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