Anti Spore: Obvious Troll is Obvious

Posted by | September 10, 2008

With the advent release of Spore by EA Games so have also arrived are the townsfolk with torches and pitch forks. We’ve already had the bizarre event of “militant atheists” (here and here) coming out against the game, but now we also have the other side of the spectrum throwing a gauntlet into the fight.

Except that after we voces arrived on the scene we fairly believe we are righteous in saying,

Ladies and Gentlemen: Anti Spore is a troll.

Update (2008-09-11): Anti Spore revealed to defenitely be a troll when they Rickrolled their readers this morning at 8am. Once again—Anti Spore, our hats off.

That’s right. There’s no doubt about it. Anti Spore is obviously some breed of Internet troll. Its take on theology is totally irrelevant to many of the arguments it makes, it creates posts only to drive interest and inflame discussion, and it has lots and lots of Google advertisements to back itself up.

Our hats are off, Anti Spore Troll. Brilliant work.

The blog appears to have arrived on the scene only three days ago and what really brought smiles to our virtual lips happened to be that the troll hadn’t even played the game until today.

It amuses us, though, that the troll has yet to discover wonderful things like the FUCK slug or the other myriad of entirely phallus creatures that hit YouTUBE from the release of the Spore creature creator. Of course, the most recent post on the blog suggests that people have pointed out that content must be vetted before it is sent to the common space that players can access, but even that doesn’t quite smother the odor of smoke and the sharp whine of laughter.

And, just to pound the nail flush, we will leave you with Tim Buckley’s note on part of this issue.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete: Spored

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