Animal Crossing: City Folk

Posted by | November 12, 2008

The midnight release for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King is almost upon us, which is why today is an excellent day to ignore the hype machine altogether and talk about Animal Crossing. The latest game in the series is City Folk, which continues our hero’s struggle to escape from the company store slavery of Tom Nook.

Animal Crossing, for the Gamecube, DS, and of course, Wii, is the story of a young… person-like being who moves out to the country and immediately caught in the net of an evil raccoon. In the game, you choose a male or female character and set to work building up a life in a decrepit cesspool of a small town filled with a variety of charming animaloids who have no problem whatsoever saddling you with debt and responsibilities you never asked for. The subtext in these game is rather distressing, especially when the sea-captain character makes light homosexual conversation while ferrying male, and only male, characters to a nearby island. Oh, he’ll take girls across, too, but he won’t like it.

City Folks adds the Big City to this unholy OCD olympics, including an auction house, new stories, and a movie theatre. The big selling point is WiiSpeak, a speakerphone device that lets you talk to your friends while ignoring them in favour of happy virtual animals. There’s also more connectivity in the box, so you can run your turnip smuggling rackets between players with even greater efficiency. Of course, there’s also the usual things you’d expect in a new game; bigger, better, more stuff.

Here is a YouTube clip from a fellow who has been been posting a couple minutes worth of play every day for the past two weeks or so. Take a look and check out his other videos. Dude loves his Animal Crossing, lemme tell you.

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