Hellforge reviews Dead Space: Extraction

Posted by | October 7, 2009

Hellforge is running a deeply engrossing review of the recently released Dead Space game for the Nintendo Wii: Dead Space: Extraction. This is proported to be an action on-rails shooter that is heavily narrative and story focused—mostly a prequel to explain what happened to create the original Dead Space experience.

* Decent visuals….. for the Wii anyway.
* Excellent Sound and Music
* Interesting story, backed by great characters and exceptional voice acting
* Fairly good level designs, with the occasional branching path.
* A newer, tougher take on the On-the-Rails Shooter genre
* Weapons actually useful… but only once upgraded
* Wii-Mote allows for accurate aiming
* Play from multiple perspectives to cover many different areas of the story
* Comic extra is cool

* Slow paced at times, with some levels having very few actual encounters
* Short: A mere 10 chapters
* Next to no replayability, as you can’t “skip” dialogue or story scenes
* Not nearly enough extras
* Character models look awful up close
* Not scary in the slightest (though plenty of horror to enjoy)
* Some shockingly bad, game breaking bugs
* Bosses are lame
* Not much of an ending

Link, via Gameriot Hellforge.

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