Necessary World of Warcraft Add Ons and Plugins

Posted by | November 29, 2008

If you want to make the most of World of Warcraft, you’ll need a selection of add ons and plugins that give you more information about the world and your character. You’ll want something to help out at the Auction House, so you can make the gold. You’ll need a plugin to help your professions, so you can go and collect all those minerals, ores, and herbs quickly and easily.

When you raid, you’ll also want to be your best. The other people in your group will notice if you’re not performing. Do you get invites to raid as soon as you log in, or are you waiting in the LFG channel, alone, unloved, as darkness falls and the moon rises? The right plugins make the difference.

If you want to be the best, you’ll need some plugins, mods, and add ons to help you out. Here’s a selection that we at Vox consider absolutely necessary.

The best way to make bank in Azeroth is at the Auction House. If you want gold in your pocket, you’ll need to keep track of the Auction House and watch prices like a hawk. You could do this by yourself, scribbling numbers on a notepad, or you could get the Auctioneer mod and rake in the gold.

Auctioneer works by keeping track of prices. This allows you to price your own items to sell, and to hunt down bargains to snap up. Most Auction House millionaires keep their stock by finding these bargains and repricing them to match the market. Auctioneer is the best way to do this.

Auctioneer can also post your auctions in batches, which is a great way to make life easier. Got 200 Large Brilliant Shards to unload? Click-click-done. This is the most important mod you can install if you want to make money in World of Warcraft. Get Auctioneer here.

The Gatherer
How can you make mad gold with your gathering professions if you don’t know where to find the herbs, minerals, and ores people want? Don’t run around Azeroth like a spooked chicken, get the Gatherer and stay informed.

The Gatherer collects information on where those tasty herb and mineral nodes spawn, then shows all this to you on a map. You can adjust it to display only those things you’re interested in collecting. Every better, the Gatherer knows when your guildies collect something neat, and it’ll post that data to your map, as well. It’s a quick way to see just where everything profitable is hiding. If you’re planning on making your gold through mining or herbalism, you need the Gatherer. Find the Gatherer here.

If you’re serious about raiding in World of Warcraft, then chances are good you’ve got more than one set of gear. Druids, Warriors, Shadow Priests… Really, just about everyone is toting around a bag filled with the gear for their “other suit.” In the heat of battle, you need a quick way to swap these suits so you can get on and do what the group expects you to do. You need a plugin that keeps track of your wardrobe and can turn you from DPS to a tank at the push of a button. ClosetGnome is our go-to choice for wardrobe management. Name a suit, tell ClosetGnome what goes where, and assign a button. Poof! Dual axes transform into sword and board, and you’ve saved the raid again. Try on Closetgnome here.

Omen Threat Meter
Are you controlling your threat, or are you about to die? There are really only two choices. Either know exactly where you are on the aggro list, or spend the fight face down in the dirt. Even if you’re not the tank, you need a threat meter. Not just so you can prevent the fatal mistake of grabbing aggro from the main tank, but also, you’ll want to know, at all times, just what sort of aggro you’re looking at. Monsters and mobs can do horrible, ruinous things to the fellow who is second or third on their hate list, and how can you know that won’t be you without a meter? In our guild, Omen is standard issue. Omen protects you and your raid by showing threat on your target at all times, with a simple display. Don’t wipe your raid. Get Omen, and stay safe. You can pick up Omen here.

Deadly Boss Mods
The key to beating the toughest raid bosses in World of Warcraft is knowing what they’re going to do. If you know when the fire is coming, you’re less likely to stand in it and die, right? Boss mods help you do that by warning you when the boss is about to do something horrible. They also keep you updated on what’s happening all around you in the fight. With that kind of info, you’ll be able to hold your own against even the toughest raid bosses. Remember, dead men do no DPS. Check out Deadly Boss Mods here.

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