Better Vaults and Bunkers — Fallout 3 Housing Mods

Posted by | June 14, 2009

Everyone has to live somewhere, even in video games. Give people total control over what they can do and build in a video game, and you’ll get porn, lots of porn. But the second thing people are going to get working on is player housing.

Mostly to store their video game porn collections.

Fallout 3 is no exception to this rule, and while the game itself offers two fine little hovels to while away the apocalypse in, that’s just not enough for those who desire more in life than a hole out of the rain. We’re talking style, design, wall art, and a comfy bed that isn’t hopping with lice like those ruins down near Megaton.

Take a look at this collection of unique and interesting lairs for your wasteland wanderer, all courtesy of the Fallout 3 modding community. The boring need not apply.

Got a taste for heights? Why not try out the Movin’ On Up mod, and get yourself a deluxe apartment in the sky. Okay, really it’s a bunch of trailers slapped into the dead skeleton of a skyscraper, but hey, check out that view!

Waterfront property, Fallout style. If you’ve got more bikinis in your inventory than bullets in your guns, you’ll want to take a look at this Lake House mod. Just a little post-nuclear cabin by the water, with planks out into the lake. Perfect for photo shoots and fashion shows. This one might not work with the latest patches, though, so watch yourself.

Looking to simplify your living arrangements? How about a truck and a shack? This Caravan house is just that. No weapons, no god-items, no pathing nightmares as your dozen modded companions trip over each other and cram you into a corner with the rats. Just a place for your stuff. This one’s also good for photo shoots, oddly enough.

Then there’s the roomie option. Ever consider moving in with someone else? Like, say, Eulogy? He’s got a nice pad, some good friends, and has a thing for parties. Why not stop by and meet the ladies at the Eulogy Redux housing mod? Though, I must say, the mod author seems to hold an odd fondness for broken hockey masks. Then again, he also has a love of dancing girls and who can say no to that?

Ever wonder where that minigun goes when you’re not hosing down some poor bastard raider and his pathetic little baseball bat? It goes off to a non-dimensional space, of course. Ever consider living there? Dimensional Storage is a mod that gives you a little place of your own out in hyperspace, and a teleport gizmo to get there and back. Screw the lore, walking sucks. BAMF!

Oh, and did I mention the Alien Mothership? Yeah, there’s one of those. Another teleport gizmo gets you there, found in the wreckage of the alien landing down in the wasteland.

The Dukov Project is an interesting housing mod. In this one, you hook up with a guy who has a place, and the place has some charm to it. Artwork, sculptures, lighting. Oh, and girls. Two girls. Who you can get with. If you’re bored with the same ol’ vault corridors, then try this housing mod and bring some personality into your game. Did I mention the girls?

Finally, if you’re in the market for truly unique homes, you’ll love this one. It’s the Statue of Liberty.

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