Left 4 Dead — How to Zombie

Posted by | January 4, 2009

As a malign parasite entity driving around a stolen corpse body like a little car, I have a natural affinity for the undead. Left 4 Dead is a great game that helps feed my hunger for zombie action, but it has become painfully obvious that no matter how many of the ravening dead we throw at the survivors, well, sometimes those bastard breathers get out alive. This must end.

To assist my fellow brain-eaters in their tireless efforts to devour the internal organs of the living, I have collected a set of fine instructional videos on how best to use your unhallowed and repulsive talents. With a little study, and alot of practice, soon you too will feel the flesh of humanity slithering down your clenching throat.

The Smoker: It’s all about the tongue, baby

The Hunter: Death from above!

The Tank: Backbone of Team Zombie. Three or four backbones, really.

The Boomer: Must have been someone I ate.

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