Star Trek Online starship Bajoran Denorios-class interceptor [T6] review

Posted by | February 18, 2018

The Bajorans have been a staple of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 since the launch of the show and we have not seen much from them in the way of spacecraft until the 8th anniversary of Star Trek Online, which introduced the ship we will review today: the Bajoran Denorios-class Interceptor [T6].

The Denorios-class may be called an “interceptor” but its modern incarnation is a modified escort in the game. It’s fairly small, turns quickly and moves swiftly, but it also has an extremely heavy forward-facing loadout with five weapons up front and two in back.

Cryptic Studios, the developer of STO, gave us this ship for free after playing a few weeks’ worth of minigames for Q across the galaxy so it could be the first T6 ship a lot of newer players might get. As a free ship, it’s extremely decent and …

Star Trek Online starship Miradorn Theta-class heavy raider [T6] review

Posted by | May 8, 2017

Mercenaries, privateers. and those that enjoy some only-slightly-lawless activity have gotten a bit of a fist-bump with the addition of the Privateer lock box in Star Trek Online now that the box drops the Miradorn Theta-class Heavy Raider. This is a versatile raider-class ship with a heavy forward-facing weapon layout and a really, really big engine to keep it on the go.

Are you the type of captain who wants to nimbly dodge through space with barrel rolls and sudden bursts of acceleration or deceleration? Then keep reading, as the Theta-class also reintroduces the Tactical Maneuvers ability that, until now, could only be used with the Zen store Pilot ships.

The Theta-class also helps beef up the number of cross-faction raiders in Tier 6 available to Federation, Klingons and Romulans.

In this review, readers will discover how to get this ship, its vital stats and other …

Revenant Hands-On: Guild Wars 2 new class first impressions

Posted by | July 13, 2015

ArenaNet is starting to roll out the big guns in beta with the forthcoming release of the Heart of Thorns expansion to its popular buy-to-play MMO Guild Wars 2. This last weekend those who preordered Heart of Thorns had the chance to try out a limited-form of the new class being added to the game: the Revenant.

Hands on, the Revenant is a heavy-armor utility-based melee-caster with a lot of support. In the beta we had access to three different “stances” or legendary heroes that the Revenant can channel: Ventari, Jalis, and Mallyx. Each of these stances changes the 6-0 utility skills that the Reveant has access to, but the weapon remains untouched—and Revenants do not have weapon swap.

To best understand the Revenant we should go over what each of the channeled legends does.

Ventari the Centaur: this legendary stance is primarily

GameOgre: Intellect Devourer Review

Posted by | November 5, 2014

Sometimes, in the midst of the horror of battle, only a monster will do. The blight of the Spellplague has tainted much of the lands, and with the Illithid in the depths, it’s time for a new weapon. The Intellect Devourer is a potent companion from Neverwinter Online—especially for those who would not mind the companionship of a slowly pulsing brain on legs. Read the full review by Kyt Dotson over on GameOgre.

Star Trek Online: Benthan Assault Cruiser Review

Posted by | October 29, 2014


When Cryptic unleashed the most recent expansion to Star Trek Online, the development team also added a brand new tier of starships (Tier 6, or T6) and raised the level cap to 60. With this, a number of new ships were released for every faction and a lockbox was also dropped (“Delta Expedition Ships | Star Trek Online“). In these lockboxes an interesting, alien looking cruiser could be unboxed called the Benthan Assault Cruiser.

The Benthan Assault Cruiser takes the words “assault” and “cruiser” very seriously by providing a capable weapons platform and a great deal of durability mostly in the way of resistances and hull. The aesthetics of this ship appears fragile but belies its implacable sturdiness as a cruiser and its strong Tactical focus.

The ship also features a much sought after hybrid Intel/Science Lieutenant bridge officer station—but this tends …

Star Trek Online: Undine Nicor Bio-Warship Review

Posted by | October 24, 2014


The introduction of the Undine to Star Trek Online also meant the addition of a few of their ships. Amid them, the Nicor Bio-Warship is a new lock box ship (STO: Season 9 Dev Blog #18) and the Dromias Bio-Cruiser is a lobi store vessel. This review will focus on the smaller, heavily-armed-but-durable Nicor.

Any STO captain looking for a fairly solid low-rent escort with cruiser durability with an exotic aesthetic should take a peek at the Nicor. As a ship, it packs a significant amount of firepower, has a hairpin-tight turning radius, and a fair amount of resilience in a firefight. The addition of a Death Star murderbeam doesn’t hurt either.


As rare drop from the Undine lock box, the Nicor is either acquired through luck or by buying it from someone who had one drop. Right now the vessel runs around 150 million Energy …

Star Trek Online: T’varo Light Warbird Retrofit Review

Posted by | July 13, 2014


It’s been almost a year since the release of the Legacy of Romulus expansion to Star Trek Online, which introduced the playerbase to a third faction: Romulans. With the third faction came an entire ship family, the warbird, and new styles of play. Amid these new ships also came some interesting ideas from Cryptic about how space battles proceed. One of these ships is the Romulan tier five T’var Light Warbird Retrofit.

While the T’varo Retrofit has the handling and feel of a high-powered escort, it’s actually an extremely versatile vessel that allows it to fill a multitude of roles. Depending on how the captain chooses to seat BOFFs and what consoles are slotted (at 3x3x3 for the C-Store version) it

What a long, strange flap its been: Flappy Bird and its clones

Posted by | March 5, 2014

flappy-bird-headerIt’s been almost a month since Flappy Bird was pulled from mobile app stores by Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen—it was taken down on Feb 9, 2014–and since then hundreds of clones have sprung up to take its place (some malware, some amusing, some terrible.) The game’s popularity seemed to come out of nowhere, bad graphics, extremely simple gameplay, thoroughly challenging. The surprise out-of-nowhere indie game hit made for a look at gaming phenomena that has sent experts in the industry reeling. To see more about the impact of Flappy, head over to GameOgre and read about its clones and impact written by Kyt Dotson.

Star Trek Online: Dyson Science Destroyer Review

Posted by | February 16, 2014


With the Federation and Klingon Empire discovery of the Solanae Dyson sphere in the Delta quadrant, and subsequent discovery of yet-another-sphere, things have been progressing story-wise very quickly in Star Trek Online. This has led also to a multitude of new virtual items, in-game equipment, and especially new ships. The 4th Anniversary Celebration is well underway and the reward ship from participating in that is the Dyson Science Destroyer representative of the Solanae Dyson sphere hybrid-technologies set and everything that entails.

The ships rewarded from putting virtual nose to digital grindstone is …

Star Trek Online: Hirogen Hunter Heavy Escort Review

Posted by | February 15, 2014


A few new ships came with the much-vaunted Season 8.5 of Star Trek Online and with it some interesting new aesthetics by introducing Hirogen-related ships. The Hirogen Hunter Heavy Escort is a new lockbox ship (STO: Season 8 Dev Blog #43) and the Hirogen Apex Battleship has been added to the lobi store. This review will focus on the smaller heavily-armed-and-armored Hunter.

Any player of STO looking for a nimble, but extremely tough, escort-class ship with a unique look the Hunter is a definite choice. For a Tactical player looking for sheer firepower it’s got a lot pulling for it and becomes a brilliant addition for any captain looking for that edge with an interesting new ship.


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