Review: Petz 4 (Part II)

Posted by | August 16, 2009

dogz4-boxshot Before talking about the Petz 4 life cycle, it is important to note that their life cycle is based on a certain number of days at each stage. There are ways around these time delays.

One day in the Petz program is counted by one real day; once midnight has passed, you can open the program and your Petz will all have aged one more day. However, they only age if you open the program at least once a day. If you don’t open the program, your Petz are frozen in time.

Because the Petz day starts at 12:00am and ends at 11:59pm, it leaves a window for manipulation. Impatient kids like myself – who wanted to super-age the Petz to see what their kittens looked like – …

Review: Petz 4 (Part I)

Posted by | August 15, 2009

catz4-boxshot Petz 4 is the combination of two programs designed to go together: Catz 4 and Dogz 4. Both have the same play scenes and most of the same objects; they just have different species that come with them. The program is fairly simple and easy to predict and manipulate; it’s an old program designed for Windows 95 & 98. However, it is not without its charms and Easter eggs.

The program does little to tax the modern computer; it was designed for older systems and ran quite well on my old computer with the 4GB hard drive. It will run on Windows XP and Vista, but only with the sound disabled (sound can be turned off under Options > General Options). It also crashes occasionally in the …