Star Trek Online starship Bajoran Denorios-class interceptor [T6] review

Posted by | February 18, 2018

The Bajorans have been a staple of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 since the launch of the show and we have not seen much from them in the way of spacecraft until the 8th anniversary of Star Trek Online, which introduced the ship we will review today: the Bajoran Denorios-class Interceptor [T6].

The Denorios-class may be called an “interceptor” but its modern incarnation is a modified escort in the game. It’s fairly small, turns quickly and moves swiftly, but it also has an extremely heavy forward-facing loadout with five weapons up front and two in back.

Cryptic Studios, the developer of STO, gave us this ship for free after playing a few weeks’ worth of minigames for Q across the galaxy so it could be the first T6 ship a lot of newer players might get. As a free ship, it’s extremely decent and …

Digital Extremes’ Warframe weapon rework makes Dual Toxocyst work

Posted by | February 6, 2018

Free-to-play online space ninja MMO-lite video game developer Digital Extremes just announced a massive weapon rework for the game that affects almost all the game’s projectile weapons.

Reading through the rework is an arduous task and almost everything affected has received a boost to its outgoing damage and other stats. Overall, this does not make anything that was considered a poor performing weapon altogether that much better, but it does mean that newer players will be able to stand up better to content.

One particular weapon worth mentioning that got an upgrade is the interesting Dual Toxocyst.

This weapon is a secondary sidearm based on the Infested enemy in the game that fires extremely slowly but with a high effectiveness against amour. As a gun, it can hit hard, but not quite as hard as others in the game in a similar role.

Where the …