Star Trek Online’s Season 14 and Tzenkethi Lockbox Bring More Functionality to the Game

Posted by | October 7, 2017

Alongside the launch of Star Trek Online Season 14: Emergence on Tuesday, Oct. 3, Cryptic Studio’s also released the Tzenkethi Lockbox. This lockbox includes a few new ships, and additions to the lockbox currency lobi store, and some items and elements that add interesting developments to STO’s functionality.

Most notably the lockbox features a vanity-only shield drop that can only be used in the costume slot of new ships and it introduces a new ship role called the scout ship.

Season 14 also introduces the new captain specialization “Miracle Worker.” This specialization introduces a lot of heavily-engineering focused abilities that bolster defenses as well as intensify firepower, often at the cost of energy levels. It also introduces the concept of critical heals. Many of the ships introduced in the new lockbox also feature stations that can use these new officers.

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