Guild Wars 2’s disconnection problem distances the game from players

Posted by | September 22, 2017

Guild Wars 2 is a magnificent massively multiplayer online gaming experience that has brought some of the best graphics to MMO gaming as well as compelling storytelling and built a lasting community. Like it game franchise it is not without its flaws, however, and one of those flaws disconnects GW2 from its customer base.

We refer specifically to disconnections.

When suddenly, without omen or warning, the game loses connection to servers and unceremoniously boots you back to the character select menu.

Sometimes this even happens so gracelessly as to get you stuck with the client running, unable to act or even close it. However, this is not the problem that brings us here today.

That problem is that sometimes these disconnections occur in the midst of what GW2 is known as living story instances. Little episodic parts of the game that occur outside of …

Chapter Thirteen: The Missed Opportunity

Posted by | September 17, 2017

“How did you know to ssshoot the sssuit?” Boots hissed as he prodded the smoldering remains of the suit. Its ashes still glowed with the residual energy of the assault, but as the heat dissipated the embers faded.

Upon unleashed the full force of their DPS on the suit, the “supervisor” monster crumbled without a fight. Every point of damage done to the suit transferred and amplified the boss until it was rendered into a twitching pile of wreckage in the middle of the floor. After it collapsed, Helvetica, Boots, and Rocky-Road kicked its pieces around the room and into the hallway for good measure.

It wasn’t coming back.

“Something the cook said,” Helvetica replied. She looked around the manager’s office. “I suppose this means we control the ship now?”

Rocky-Road swished her tail and sauntered over to the desk. With a hmph she swept some of the debris from the fight off the …