Guild Wars 2 Elite Path of Fire Specialization Preview Weekend Begins Tomorrow

Posted by | August 17, 2017

With the second expansion to Guild Wars 2 flying fast towards us – launching Sept. 22 – Arena Net is rolling out the red carpet for players to experience some of the new content new. As hype roars in the ears of the player-base, tomorrow GW2 clients will make available the nine new elite specialization classes in the World vs. World game mode.

Players who want to test out the elite specs need not do anything. A client patch will take care of that and two beta slots will appear. Just pick one, make a character and then roll into WvW to test it out.

In a developer livestream published today, Anet employees talked about what players can expect from these specializations. Keep reading for the thoughts of the voces about how these new character class changes will affect everyone.