This video of Overwatch’s Zenyatta may not give you inner peace but it’s still cool

Posted by | May 14, 2015

Blizzard Entertainment just released an eight minute video of Zenyatta, a robot monk from the company’s upcoming FPS team-based shooter Overwatch pwning face.


So far the company has released only teasers as to the game itself, but it looks like an overcharged version of Team Fortress 2 with superheroes and supervillains at the helm. Zenyatta appears to be a hovering monk robot who meditates restfully between throwing out glowing bolts of light, summoning giant floating prayer beads, and vaporizing enemies with “enlightenment”. (Don’t miss the Hindu diety-like multiple arms on that animation.)

The video takes place in a map called King’s Row, a Point Capture/Payload hybrid map set in some urban center of England.


Guild Wars 2 dragonhunter elite specialization puts bow and arrows in the hands of guardians

Posted by | May 10, 2015

ArenaNet just let us in on the next specialization to be found in the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns upcoming expansion and it means that guardians will be getting bows. The bow is the one spirit weapon that guardians can summon they they could not yet equip on their own–amid shield, sword, and hammer. The elite specialization, named “dragonhunter,” also adds guardians to the list of professions who can use traps, which includes necromancers, theives, and rangers., an already well known Guild Wars 2 reporting site, has extremely detailed notes from the recent livestream about this specialization.

Looking at the bow skills, it’s a standard array of attacks, coupled with interesting guardian-centric light effects. Shots cripple, blind, and in the case of latter AoE attacks there’s some of that lovely, lovely burning. These skill synergize with traits that can be selected for the …

Guild Wars 2 chronomancer elite specialization gives mesmers wells

Posted by | May 9, 2015

Time to make some room, Necromancers, it looks like ArenaNet is giving mesmers the ability to crease ground wells with the elite specialization for mesmers, a time-based elite class called the Chronomancer. This specialization is part of the upcoming expansion to Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thorns, and will introduce special classes for every current profession in the game. chronomancers will also give mesmers access to a new weapon: the offhand shield.

The new chronomancer specialization adds a set of skills to mesmers to allows them to manipulate the forces of time. The first new skill adds a boon called alacrity–the opposite of chill–which will speed up cooldowns rather than slowing them down, only chronomancers will receive access to this boon. With an offhand shield the chronomancer will be able to fire a wall of compressed time that flies forward and then returns, with each pass the wall delivers quickness to allies …