GameOgre: Star Trek Online Season 8.5 and the 4th Anniversary

Posted by | January 31, 2014

It’s the 4th Anniversary of Star Trek Online and also the release of mid-season update Season 8.5. While this is more or less a cause for celebration, what’s really got STO players in a tizzy is the return of Tim Russ reprising his role of Tuvok from Star Trek: Voyager now as Admiral Tuvok. As the galaxy gets more dangerous, the voth have been fighting over the Solanae Dyson sphere vs. the Federation-Klingon-Romulan alliance—but soon another, more sinister enemy, will be joining the fray. Read more at via Kyt Dotson’s write up of the event!

Meme Monday: Far Cry 3 and That “Call for Help”

Posted by | January 20, 2014

I guess if you have a sniper rife and a bow (those stealth kills) then calling for help isn’t a priority… Of course the Reddit thread that I picked this image up from actually explains whole cell phone thing–but we won’t let that get in the way of a good Meme Monday.

Via /r/gaming.

Razer Nabu ‘Smartband’ Seeks Entry into the Smartwatch Market

Posted by | January 15, 2014

Trying their hand at the “smartwatch” wearable market, Razer has produced the Nabu–an interesting little product that connects with a smartphone to deliver information and look gamer-chic at the same time.
The Nabu is a sort of hybrid between a smart watch, delivering smart phone-paired notifications, and a fitness band like the Nike+ FuelBand or the FitBit Flex, tracking the usual data points like pedometer and sleep data. Dual LED displays split the device’s notifications into public and private, on the outside and inside of your wrist respectively. Thanks to the Nabu’s use of Bluetooth low energy, Razer says the device will hold a charge for “seven to ten days.”

The most unique feature of the Nabu is its focus on third-party applications. “Developers can apply for the SDK on our website, and they get the product as well for a special developer price,” Chillon said. That price is $49, while the …

Meme Monday: Girls As Healers (aka Is This Drek For Real?)

Posted by | January 13, 2014

So this piece of sexist drek has been making the rounds and recently it landed in /r/gaming on Reddit.

People, this sort of garbage is not helping.

The gamer in me immediately revolts against this sort of display–and I’d like to think that its untrue–but then I also wonder what the statistics are. Is there a perception that the male-dominated gaming scene has produced that girls primarily play healers? Or that the boys only seek out their female friends to fill that role?

I’d love to see some sort of real statistics or a study that gives an idea of how girls approach MMO gaming and roles in the Holy Trinity of tank/heals/DPS. I’m sure there’s something out there. It doesn’t seem like there needs to be anything inherently “feminine” or gender essentialist about healing, but I …

Steam Machines the PC Gaming Booster-Shot and Not Competition Against Consoles

Posted by | January 12, 2014

The specialized place that consoles sit in the industry is no niche, it’s a dominant place for gaming hardware and community–Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have it well battoned down and they’re not going to budge. The PC gaming community, on the other hand, is also heavily entrenched and sees bigger and better games as advancing game design takes advantage of GPU cards and punctuations in far superior hardware–but at a high cost: gaming rigs in the PC community are extremely expensive.

Steam Machines appear to be attempting to swing the condition of the PC market back down towards the more stable, hardware-fixed market that consoles hold, but retain as much of the cutting-edge gaming that expensive equipment can deliver.

When the Steam Machines appeared at CES 2014 speculation immediately launched as to their nature. The first thing to come to mind came to the point that they might be a salvo in …

MMO Anthropology Live Stream Cancelled This Weekend

Posted by | January 11, 2014

For those who are fans of the MMO Anthropology videos and show on, we should announce that because most of their small team is sick this week the live stream has necessarily been cancelled yesterday and tonight. We wish them well and hope that they recover from what currently is keeping the team under the weather.

The announcement went out on Twitter not too long ago about the cancellation:
Tonight’s #MMO Anthropology live stream is also cancelled. The crew is too sick to manage it. Hopefully we’ll see everyone next week!

— MMO Anthropology (@mmoanthropology) January 11, 2014
Ordinarily, the live stream runs Friday and Saturday around the 8pm PST time slot for a few hours.  The group generally explores an MMO while talking about the aspects of multiplayer and MMO gaming, sometimes with interviews, and sometimes with player involvement. Saturday’s is usually a game …

Interview with Nyzam45 an Aquarius Destroyer captain from Star Trek Online

Posted by | January 5, 2014

via MMO Anthropology on YouTube.