What Happened During the Great Guild Wars 2 Ectoplasm Bug of 2013?

Posted by | August 15, 2013

Sometime during the end of May, a patch to the massively multiplayer game world of Guild Wars 2 led to a change in the drop rate of an extremely important end-game item: Globs of Ectoplasm. The result caused prices to suddenly rise by almost 33% and an exchange erupted on the forums as to the persistence of this sudden change. Through experimentation, player communication, and community reaction the developers eventually looked into an fixed the issue. Further reading over at the MMO Anthropology blog on Tumblr.

MMO Anthropology Livestream After Action Report, August Week 2

Posted by | August 15, 2013

The MMO Anthropology livestream led the three hosts—Arienne Keith, Amerist, and our editor-in-chief Nelson Williams—into the strange world of Guild Wars 2 for the Queen’s Jubilee event (as well as some getting killed randomly.) The hosts went about the world to look at the event, get some running across the countryside, and even a balloon ride or two. On Saturday, Minecraft led the day with a special rules construction session involving a canyon. For more details, see the full After Action Report.

Saints Row 4, Australian Player? Welcome to Quarantine

Posted by | August 14, 2013

As it turns out, Australia doesn’t like the rest of the world. (Still not sure why.) So if you happen to want to play Saints Row 4 and play in multiplayer be prepared to only  play with other Australians! Why? Because publisher Deep Silver had to change their game for Australia to avoid the use of alien drugs and potentially the use of an alien anal probe. The result is that copies sold in Australia will not be able to play alongside games across the rest of the globe. For more information see Mellisa Tolentino’s article “Australian Gamers Find Themselves Segregated from the Rest of the World in Saints Row 4 Multiplayer” at SiliconANGLE.

First Impressions Review: VEGA Conflict by Kixeye

Posted by | August 14, 2013

Curious about the newest MMORTS browser-based game from Kixeye that puts you in the metal-boots of a space pirate? Check out this review by Kyt Dotson of VEGA Conflict over at GameOgre. Like most browser-based games, VEGA Conflict is sprite-based, slow paced, and designed towards the hardcore casual crowd. It has a slow growing affect combined with space-combat with some micromanagement; but at the same time people are pushed inexorably towards an end game full of PvP—and, of course, even further space piracy.

MMO Anthropology Livestream After Action Report, August Week 1

Posted by | August 5, 2013

The MMO Anthropology livestream came to a roaring start with the team playing Pirates of the Burning Seas.  The pirate game tickled editor-in-chief Nelson William’s feathered cap and he set off to use black powder and balls of steel to great effect. Meanwhile, on Saturday, Minecraft ended in the display of an ingenious “genocide machine,” designed to farm Endermen for their XP in The End. For more details see the full After Action Report.