Borderlands 2: Macintosh Players Disconnected from PC Players

Posted by | June 29, 2013

We live in an era where cross-platform gaming can be a real thing, we have numerous MMOs that successfully bridge the gap between the personal computer OSes (Macintosh and Windows) such as World of Warcraft—but we have yet to see consoles and PCs hook up. In the case of Borderlands 2 players who bought the game for Mac could play alongside PC players on Pandora.

That is, they could until recently as reported by Aspyr Media:
The Borderlands 2 update released on June 26, 2013 for the PC will cause an out of sync with the Mac version of the game.  We are working tirelessly to ensure the Mac version is caught up with the PC with this new update, but please be aware that the Mac and PC versions will be out of sync for a very short time, disabling cross platform play. We hope to be back in …

E3 Brings Us Insight Into the New Era of Multiplayer Gaming

Posted by | June 14, 2013

Consoles have not been the greatest place for MMOs, focusing more heavily on single player games with mutliplayer modes; but that tide seems to be turning. Although we’ve seen games such as Call of Duty and others pushing hard into realms allowing 64 to 128 people on one map, they’re almost always battlefield games. At E3 several MMO-like games have shown off how they can go both massively and singleplayer without messing up much of their gameplay. Read more about this in an article by Kyt Dotson at SiliconANGLE.

Wildstar Will Have a “Hybrid” Payment Model

Posted by | June 8, 2013

I know everyone is just as highly-wired as I am waiting for Carbine Studios’ upcoming MMORPG Wildstar—of course you are!—and if you’re so inclined to hear about what we know about the game from the business-end to the personal-end, check out Kyt Dotson’s article on the game over at GameOgre.