Rosalind and Robert Lutece from Bioshock Infinite by *DarrenGeers

Posted by | April 15, 2013

Rosalind and Robert Lutece by *DarrenGeers on deviantART

Thumping: Firefall and the Social Impact of Player-Driven Dynamic Events

Posted by | April 12, 2013

Red 5 Studio’s MMO shooter game Firefall is still working its way through the stages of a beta and right now it’s a highly freeform, sandbox styled game. As a result, it also contains numerous dynamic events. Additionally, much advancement in the game requires resource gathering and management and this is done with an activity called “thumping.” This resource gathering event is imitated by players and appears on the radar of the map—informing other players that its happening—and being around when someone is thumping encourages others to participate by rewarding them with experience and resources. The folks at MMO Anthropology have written up an essay on the practice and strategies developed.

Link, via MMO Anthropology and YouTube.

Trion Worlds’ Defiance MMO Off to a Rocky Start, Socially Inept

Posted by | April 10, 2013

The new Syfy Channel science fiction show Defiance debut recently as well as the launch of their MMO partnered with Trion Worlds. While the beta went fairly well, like most launches it left Trion’s servers battleworn and scarred and many customers left out in the cold. So far, glitches have affected their chat system, voice system, and even logins to such an extent that when the game is playable it’s a well-populated land-of-hungry-ghosts. Assistant editor for SiliconANGLE, Kyt Dotson, gives a run-down of the social failure of Defiance.